Hobby Bouncing and ADHD- is it ok?

Do you bounce from hobby to hobby? Let's talk about it.

Hobby-bouncing is a common quality in people with ADHD due to feeling chronically understimulated by life and latching unto activities that feel rewarding.

The all-or-nothing approach to hobbies often means piles of equipment, supplies, and instructional books that get pushed to the corner when the interest fades.

Although it may feel intuitive to beat yourself up for quitting or “wasting money,” you should aim to thank yourself for allowing room to pursue what brings you joy.

The qualities of ADHD that grant you the freedom to jump headfirst into new hobbies also lead you to discover new talents, create art, and connect with your soul. Even if your hobby is short-lived, the passion you felt was real. It’s perfectly ok to hobby-bounce, be kind to yourself and have fun in this lifetime.

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