About Me

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I am a clinical scientist, consultant, medical writer, and copywriter. I have a master’s in clinical psychology and a PhD in developmental psychology with over a decade of clinical and research experience.

As a person living with ADHD, I am especially passionate about advocating for individuals seeking first-time diagnosis and effective treatment of Adult ADHD.

I have worked extensively in clinical trial research investigating pharmacotherapy for depression, PTSD as well as risk factors for pediatric psychiatric disorders. I’m trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, sleep therapy, and mindfulness. As a bonus, I am a certified personal trainer and precision nutrition coach.

•Consulting for healthcare start-ups (therapy, sleep, personality assessment, LMS, content, marketing)
•Regulatory specialist (CTAs, INDs, IBs, etc)
•Clinical trial design
•Adult ADHD
•Personality assessment
•Neuropsychometric assessment
•Psychological and psychiatric research
•Medicinal mushrooms
•Psychedelic medicine, entheogens
•Sleep, CBT-i
•Health, nutrition and wellness
•Fasting, bio-hacks
•Making long lists

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