About Me

Lisa Batten, PhD, CPT, PN1

  • Clinical/Pharmaceutical/Medical Research
  • Trained in REBT, CBT, CBT-i and Mindfulness
  • NASM-certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Marketing and Copywriting

Meet Lisa

Hi! Welcome to the "about me" section. This is mostly a little highlight section to help you get an idea of my experience. If you want to see my CV, you can find it here. 

I am a psychedelic scientist, mental health consultant, and writer who specializes in working with tech companies and start-ups. I am an expert in clinical trial design, clinical assessment, building educational content (apps, LMS, blogs etc) and helping companies navigate the health and wellness space with tact and compassion.

Over the course of my career, I have worked with world-renown researchers investigating compounds for the treatment of mental health disorders. I coordinated the first ever trial in Canada investigating ketamine for depression. In recent years, I have helped to design and run clinical trials using psilocybin. 

I have also served as an editorial manager on scientific journals, written many successful grant applications for agencies such as CIHR and NIH, and assisted with hundreds of other grant, scholarship, and graduate application reviews.

I am a trained therapist, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. In addition to my scientific work, I have worked as a copywriter and brand/marketing consultant for various supplement companies, social media influencers and wellness companies. My words have appeared in campaigns for Starbucks, Old Navy, Adobe, Google, Target, and many more. 

On a personal level, I enjoy surfing, crossfit, traveling, hiking, snugs with my dog, and anything involving a sunset with a side of nature. 


Why Hire Me?

I am an extremely creative and passionate person. Also, I am an absolute thrill to work with.

"Lisa is an absolute thrill to work with" -You, after hiring me

Additionally, I had a very fast-paced and successful career in mental health research which has given me so many skills. Grant writing skills, research skills, editing skills, wearing suit jackets and explaining pharmaceutical research to large diverse audiences skills, etc. 

Whether you are trying to sell a product, improve your SEO, run a clinical trial, or provide some high quality scientifically accurate articles- I am your gal.

Let's work together!